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#SecuringTheVillage: Executive Order on Cybersecurity Is Issued –

#SecuringTheVillage: Wall St. and Law Firms Plan Cooperative Body to Bolster Online Security –

#CyberPrivacy: White House Proposes Broad Consumer Data Privacy Bill –

#CyberCrime: Personal data on 50,000 Uber drivers exposed in breach | PCWorld

#IdentityTheft: Identity theft tops list of consumer complaints – Feb. 27, 2015 – CNN Money

#CyberWarning: Hackers impersonating IT staff popular tactic in data breaches, FireEye finds | ZDNet

#CyberSunshine: Ramnit Botnet Disrupted By International Public-Private Collaboration – Dark Reading –

#CyberResearch: DARPA offers rare glimpse at program to visualize cyberdefenses (+video) –

See @bruceschneier and @HackingDave Kennedy June 4 @ LA Conv Ctr. Register @issala Information Security #Summit7

#CyberDefense: How can I find and remove Superfish and similar malware? | Technology | The Guardian

#CyberAttack: Webnic Registrar Blamed for Hijack of Lenovo, Google Domains — @krebsonsecurity

#CyberWarning: Spam Uses Default Passwords to Hack Routers — @krebsonsecurity

#CyberMisc: 5 Reasons To Never Market Malware – Forbes

#FinancialCyberSecurity: NY’s Lawsky Proposes New Cybersecurity, Money-Laundering Rules For Banks – WSJ

#CyberCrime: Urban Institute Hacked: Up To 700,000 Nonprofits Affected After Tax System Breach

#CyberMisc Fine Arts Museums Threaten Workers’ Information Security, Union Says | SF Weekly

#CyberCrime: US offers highest-ever cybercrime reward for arrest of Russian hacker | The Guardian

#Privacy: U.S. and British Agencies May Have Tried to Get SIM Encryption Codes, Gemalto Says –

#IdentityTheft: New Study Says Over 2 Million Americans Are Victims Of Medical Identity Theft – Forbes

#CyberPrivacy: How Malware Can Track Your Smartphone Without Using Location Data | MIT Technology Review

#NationalCyberSecurity: @SteptoeLLP – Cyberlaw Podcast 54: Interview with Ben Wittes – Stewart Baker –

#CyberMisc: Israeli ex-military elite form cyber security hub to combat corporate hackers –

#CyberCrime: Lawyer who clicked on attachment loses $289K in hacker scam ABA Journal –

#NationalCyberSecurity: How “omnipotent” hackers tied to NSA hid for 14 years—and were found at last | Ars Technica

#CyberMisc: Hackers Cut in Line at the Burning Man Ticket Sale—And Get Caught | WIRED

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#FinancialCyberSecurity: #TurboTax’s Anti-Fraud Efforts Under Scrutiny — @krebsonsecurity

#CitadelOnSecurity: Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, February 22, 2015 – Citadel Information Group –

#CitadelOnSecurity: Cyber Security News of the Week, February 22, 2015 – Citadel Information Group –

#CitadelOnSecurity: Cyber Security News of the Week, February 22, 2015 – Citadel Information Group –