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#CyberInsurance: Federal Court Rules Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance May Cover Data Breach

#CyberPrivacy: Privacy Activists Cheer Passage of Email Privacy Act, Brace for Senate Battle

#CyberSecurityMgmt: Verizon Data Breach Report: Phishing up considerably. Systems still not being patched.

#FinancialCyberSecurity: SWIFT system said to need revamping after Bangladesh hack

#CyberWarning: Hacker Group Exploits ‘Hot Patching’ In Windows To Cloak Cyber Espionage

#CyberDefense: Basic Cyber Protection At The Hotel On A Business Trip

#CyberLaw: Suspect refuses to decrypt hard drives, is detained indefinitely – Help Net Security

#NationalCyberSecurity: As US drops “cyber bombs,” ISIS retools its own cyber army

#CyberDanger: Toymaker Maisto’s website pushes ransomware that holds visitors’ files hostage

#CyberWarning: Cisco Claims Tuto4PC Utilities Have Silently Installed 12M Backdoors

#CyberDefense: Office 365 Vulnerability Exposed Any Federated Account

#CyberEnforcement: US govt seeks to modify search warrant rules to let cops, Feds hack computers anywhere, anytime

#CyberDanger: Google Play infested with cash-stealing web apps

#CyberCrime: Qatar National Bank Suffers Massive Breach of Sensitive Internal Files

#CyberSunshine: Click-Fraud Kingpin Receives 7-Year Sentence

#CyberLawsuit: Credit Union Sues Wendy’s Claiming Breach Resulted from Failure to Implement Chip Technology [EMV]

#CyberUpdate: Firefox: Mozilla patches critical flaws that let attackers execute malicious code | ZDNet

#CyberDanger: Check your Spotify account: Users report unusual activity after credentials posted online

#CyberCrime: Hackers target Goldcorp Inc, release reams of private data online including payroll and passports

#CyberCrime: Hackers steal millions of Minecraft passwords – BBC News

#CyberDanger: Irremovable bank data-stealing Android malware poses as Google Chrome update | ZDNet

#CyberMisc: Dental Assn Mails Malware to Members – @krebsonsecurity

#FinancialCyberSecurity: A Dramatic Rise in ATM Skimming Attacks — @krebsonsecurity

#CyberSunshine: Security experts shut down the dreaded Mumblehard botnet – Cyber Defense Magazine…

#CyberPrivacy: US Presidential Primary Apps Leak Sensitive Data – Infosecurity Magazine

#NationalCyberSecurity: U.S. Cyberattacks Target ISIS in a New Line of Combat – New York Times…

#CitadelOnSecurity: Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, April 24, 2016 – Citadel Information Group…

#CitadelOnSecurity: Cyber Security News of the Week, April 24, 2016 – Citadel Information Group…

#CyberSecurityMgmt: Collaboration & Inclusiveness Keys to Success, Part 3 – IBM Inst for Business Value…

#CyberSecurityMgmt: Collaboration & Inclusiveness Keys to Success, Part 2 – IBM Inst for Business Value…