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#CyberMisc: Hacking Report on St. Jude Pacemakers Was Flawed, University of Michigan Researchers Say

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#IoT: FiatChrysler moves to tighten dealer security codes after hackers steal over 100 cars

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#CyberPolitics: Harry Reid Seeks F.B.I. Inquiry; Cites Evidence of Russian Tampering in U.S. Vote - New York Times

#CyberPolitics: Russian hackers targeted Arizona election system - The Washington Post

#CyberLaw: Why lawmakers are trying to make ransomware a crime in California - LA Times

#CyberPolitics: Officials confirm: Hackers breach election systems in Illinois, Arizona

#CyberAttack: Opera Web Sync Service Breached By Hackers: Account Information, Passwords Compromised

#NationalCyberSecurity: China-based hackers suspected in cyberattacks sustained by Australian government networks

#CyberReadiness: NIST fellow & former CIA CIO tell Gov't Commission trustworthy computing answer to better security.

#CyberPolitics: FBI says foreign hackers penetrated state election systems

#CitadelOnSecurity: Weekend Vulnerability and Patch Report, August 28, 2016 - Citadel Information Group

#CitadelOnSecurity: Cyber Security News of the Week, August 28, 2016 - Citadel Information Group

#CyberDefense: Mozilla launches free website security scanning service | CSO Online

#CreatedEqual: Enormous gap in academic performance between rich & poor children has begun to narrow - NY Times

#NationalCyberSecurity: Massive cyber breach exposes 22,000 pages of top secret data about Indian submarine Scorpène

#CyberResearch: Apple files patent app enabling iPhones to grab a thief’s photo and fingerprint when stolen

#KnowEnemy: Failed attempt to hack iPhone of human rights lawyer exposes a secretive hacking group.

#CyberWarning: Apple & Netflix customers being targeted in fake invoice e-mail scam seeking bank credentials…

#CyberWarning: SpyNote malware another illustration why Android apps should only be installed from official store

#CyberWarning: Cyber thieves increasingly hack into consumer bank accounts through customers’ mobile phones

#CyberDefense: Five account management practices to help deter cyber attacks

#KnowEnemy: Following Bitcoin wallets reveals billion dollar ransomware cyber-crimes

#NationalCyberSecurity: HackerOne helps Pentagon strengthen cybersecurity by helping hackers breach the Pentagon

#IoT: The biggest threat facing connected autonomous vehicles is cybersecurity

#CyberWarning: Mandiant reports Asian businesses take 17 months to notice hacker in system vs 4 months in US

#CyberUpdate: Emergency iOS Update Patches Zero Days Used by Government Spyware

#CyberCrime: Customer payment card data stolen as POS malware infects Millennium & Noble House hotel chains

#CyberDefense: The current state of privileged access management practices - Help Net Security