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#CyberUpdate: Apple Patches iTunes, iCloud for Windows, Xcode Server

#CyberDefense: IBM Trusteer incorporates biometric "Cognitive Fraud Detection" to block financial fraud

#CyberSunshine: US charges 61 In India phone fraud call center scam that cheated 15,000 out of $250 million

#NationalCyberSecurity: Hacked Emails of High-Ranking Advisor to Putin Shows Russian Plans to Destabilize Ukraine

CyberPrivacy: Latest WikiLeaks revelations offer reminder that there are some things that can't be encrypted

CyberEnforcement: DOJ publically releases memo providing cybercrime guidance to prosecutors

#CyberEnforcement: FBI Offers Online Cyber Training for Law Enforcement First Responders

#NationalCyberSecurity: Ahead of elections, 11 states reject federal help to combat hackers

#IoT: Hackers find vulnerability to take full control of - and even crash - consumer drones

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#CyberLaw: Who’s Responsible When Your DVR Launches a Cyberattack?

#CyberSunshine: Celeb nude photo thief Ryan Collins sentenced to 18 months in jail

#CyberResearch: Google teaches “AIs” to invent their own crypto and avoid eavesdropping

#CyberAttack: Dyn DDoS Could Have Topped 1 Tbps. Perpetrators Believed To be "Script Kiddies"

#CyberDefense: Microsoft Extends Malicious Macro Protection to Office 2013

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